The Roots of All Evil

Session 1

Cragmoore to Aelor Marshlands

The party left Cragmoore behind to begin their journey, accompanied by the pigs Pietro and Petra and a grey cat. In the highlands they fought off a group of would-be bandits wearing the armor of Kissaye, presumably deserters. After exchanging a few blows, a distant horn sounded, scaring off the living deserters. Not long after, smoke could be seen rising from the north, most likely Cragmoore.

The mercenaries reached the edge of the Aelor Marshlands and camped for the night, taking the opportunity guard duty presented to get to know each other better.

The next day they entered the marshlands. Yuri successfully foraged an abyss coneflower that he would later use to make tea. Several other members of the party tried and failed to catch some fish. They spotted a distant fisherman, whom Maz recognized as a drow.

Around midday they met a handful of Clerics of Yer Velez on their way to die in battle against the gnolls in hopes of finally joining their late god. 

Later in the afternoon a storm kicked up, halting the mercenary's progression at a platform built into the walkway. There they were attacked by a gnoll scouting group, whom they promptly slew, though not without injury. Pietro the pig was injured the attack, though Garret and others were quick to perform first aid on the wound. 

Yuri made some tea.



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